Friday, April 10, 2015

Breakfast, Halloween Style!

Foodie Friday posts have covered spooky Halloween dishes to serve for lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks...but what about that most important meal of the day---breakfast?

Each Halloween season, Krispy Kreme, the BEST donuts on the planet, puts out its annual Krispy Skremes!  These adorable Halloween donuts are a great way to start any spooky morning...but make sure you wash them down with a creepy coffee, too!

I'm really sorry about the suggestive nature of that last coffee ghost, lol.  Anyway, if you don't feel like spending the bucks for the Krispy Kremes, or if you simply just want to take the creativity up a notch in a really simple, yet cute way, try out this next idea.  All you need is a bag of powdered donut holes and some cheap, plastic spider rings!

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