Friday, May 6, 2016

Ghost Bark

If you need a quick and easy homemade treat to serve at a party or bring to a social function, chocolate bark is my choice. It's sooo simple: melt some chocolate, spread some chocolate, add in some festive sprinkles or candy pieces if you want, chill, break and serve. It takes no time or effort, looks fancy, and people will think you've been channeling Martha Stewart or something.

Since I'm such a big fan of the bark, I was thrilled to see this ghostly version over at The Simple Sweet Life! Obviously, this would be perfect for a Halloween party or event, but since it's just a simple ghost pattern, it's something that I'll be using ALL year long! As a paranormal investigator, I'm often at ghostly-related events where food is served---how cute would THIS be to share?

The photos are from Claire over at the Simple Sweet Life. Please check out her website for the full instructions on how to make this yummy treat, as well as how to make tons of other awesome Halloween goodies!

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