Friday, November 4, 2016

Goodbye, Halloween 2016

Well, its gone. Halloween is over for another year. I tried to pack in as much Halloweeny fun as possible, but like every year, I still feel like I just didn't get enough done. I didn't go to enough attractions. I didn't watch enough spooky movies. I didn't blog enough. I didn't make the most out of the short, precious time that is the Halloween season.

I'm sure a lot of you Samhainophiles can relate---I always look forward to Halloween, but the coming of the actual October 31st date is mixed with a sense of dread. It feels like an ending more than a time of accumulated celebration. I always get really depressed and unmotivated around the end of October and into early November. Being depressed and unmotivated is especially hard during this time of year because its also one of our busiest, lol. So, I'm slowly trying to get through it, and I'm hoping that returning to this blog, as well as my paranormal blog, will bring me out of that post-season funk that I always fall into. At least there's one silver lining to look to....there's plenty of time to plan for Halloween 2017!

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