Friday, March 6, 2015

Halloween Pizza

Yummy! Today's Foodie Friday post is all about one of my favorite foods---pizza! It really is the perfect food; all it takes is the right ingredients and you've encompassed the entire food pyramid in one delicious, easy to make treat for the whole family!

When it comes to Halloween pizzas in particular, there are so many different options. Time to get creative!  I've chosen a few of my favorite inspirations, mainly focusing on mini-pizzas which would be great to serve up for a quick family dinner before trick-or-treat or at any Halloween party as really cool finger foods.  Bon appetit!

These adorable pizza mummies are quick and simple to assemble---just pop on some sliced black olives for eyes, and lay your cheese down in a criss-crossing pattern for the desired 'wrapped' effect.  This particular version comes from the Halloween Alliance website.

These pizzas also rely on intricately placed strings or slices of cheese and sliced olives!  This would look cute as a mini pizza or amazing in a full-sized version with a spider (or two) for every slice! Photo from Indulgy.

What's Halloween without the jack-o-lanterns?  Swap out the traditional mozzarella cheese for a cheddar or cheddar blend and you get a nice orange color.  Add black olives, pepperoni, or your favorite vegetables to create the face and top off with a green pepper stem.  Healthy AND delicious! Courtesy of 360 Family Nutrition. 

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