Monday, March 2, 2015

Horror Movie Drinking Game

This Movie Monday is for the readers who are 21 years old and up!  Oh, and of course, please do not drink and drive.  Anyway...

Any movie you can think of probably has a specialized drinking game to go along with it.  This seems especially true of HORROR movies!  A well planned horror movie drinking game utilizing some specialized alcoholic beverages can be a great way to celebrate Halloween (or, well, any Friday night) with friends.  Instead of having to memorize a bunch of really specific rules pertinent to different movies, Riddle has devised a list of 13 generic drinking rules that can work with any horror movie.  Please check out their website for example videos for each rule...but if you need a printable list or don't feel like waiting for that page to load, I've copied the rules here for your convenience.


1. Something obviously creepy is happening and the future victim doesn't seem alarmed for far too long.

2. A victim dies in an over-the-top, elaborate way.  Drink twice if its the FIRST victim.

3. Someone runs upstairs when he/she should be running outside.

4. The phone line has been cut or there is no cell phone reception.

5. The police are useless, bumbling, or skeptical.

6. Ominous music starts playing.

7. The person running from the killer can't find the car keys or the car won't start.

8. There is a scene in the middle of nowhere (for example: a cabin in the woods, a house with no neighbors, or a summer camp).

9. Two of the characters are having an intimate moment and the killer is nearby.  Drink twice if they are in a car.

10. There is a creepy child, doll or animal. Warning: This could get pretty messy if you're watching any of the Child's Play or Children of the Corn movies.

11. Anyone in your group watching the movie jumps, gasps, or screams at the TV.

12. Someone makes a bad quip or pop culture reference. Drink twice if its while killing the villain.

13. You think the bad guy is dead but he comes back for one last scare.


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