Friday, September 23, 2016

Healthy Halloween: Veggie Trays

Usually my Foodie Fridays involve less-than-healthy options for Halloween themed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, and even cocktails---but sometimes I like to provide a healthy alternative to the traditional sweet and sugary treats of the season! Today, I'm sharing a few ideas for Halloween veggie trays. Veggie trays are a great way to offer a healthy option at Halloween parties and gatherings, and can even be incorporated into a family snack tray. Here are some options:

I love how quick and simple this idea is. De-gut your pumpkin, and just slide the container of dip right into it. Add your favorite cut veggies and you're done. For a Halloween party, you could take the creativity a step further with a fun platter and added touches, such as some olive spiders!

Source: One Little Project

Nothing screams Halloween like a Jack-o-Lantern, and the adorable icon of the season makes a great shape for a veggie tray featuring MY favorite cut veggie, carrots! Again, you can really put your own mark on this creation, using various veggies for the stem, vine, grass, etc. Get creative! 

Source: Mom Endeavors

If Jack-o-Lanterns aren't your thing, or you want something a little spookier, how about a cauliflower skull? I like this option because it allows you to have a variety of veggies available without having to worry about making them into something specific, lol.

Source: Mommy on the Money

As a paranormal investigator, I HAD to include something that features a ghost! This one is similar to the cauliflower skull, but instead is a lil' ghostie made of cauliflower on a bed of other veggies. I seriously might need to make this one!

Source: Mommy on the Money

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