Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Vampire Movie Marathon

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I had an impromptu Vampire Movie Marathon! It started when I was going through the newly added movies on Amazon Prime and found Interview with the Vampire. Since I hadn't seen it in YEARS, I loaded it up and sat back for some 90s vampire nostalgia. Man, Louie might have been a whiny lil' you-know-what, but he was quite easy on the eyes! It was a trip down Memory Lane that lead to a few other choices in weekend viewing.

*Near Dark (1987)---I had never seen Near Dark, starring Bill Paxton, Jenny Wright, and several other names you may recognize, but my boyfriend had fond memories of this 80s vampire favorite. When a cowboy falls in love with a female vampire and is given the opportunity to prove himself to her 'clan,' plenty of insane hijinks ensue. I don't think this movie is billed as a comedy, but it definitely had some comedic moments, and Bill Paxton, while actually a fairly minor character, steals the show with his personality. Pretty violent, but not unnecessarily gory, this movie was a nice, safe choice for our Vampire Movie Marathon.

*NightLife (1989)---Following Near Dark, Aaron picked the next film as well. This one WAS billed as a comedy, and is not to be confused with several other movies of the same name that came out around that time, lol. The NightLife WE watched was a made-for-television movie that aired on USANetwork and is a quirky comedy about a Mexican vampiress, a doctor, a previous lover, and the greatest maid EVER. Even though the whole film takes place in Mexico, the only Mexican speaking character is a police officer, which I thought was just as amusing as the heat-packing, ass-kicking maid that stays loyal to her vampire mistress. It's sort of a cute love triange-type story as the vampiress struggles not only with trying to adjust to life in the 20th century, but to juggle a new love interest and a clingy ex. This is available on YouTube if you want to give it a shot. It's obviously not a cinematic masterpiece, but there's some witty dialogue, and a proper amount of cheese to make it worth the effort.

*The Lost Boys (1987)---After Aaron went to bed, I was still awake enough to continue on with the
marathon. I chose a childhood favorite, The Lost Boys, since Aaron isn't a huge fan of this movie. It has been a few years since I've watched it, but I still love it as much as ever----and still giggled whole-heartedly at the shiny saxophone player and his movies. I also spotted Kelly Jo Minter for the first time! I had only recently made the connection she was in it, but unfortunately her main speaking part was cut from the final version. As a side note, I can't wait to meet her at ScareFest this year, as she was my favorite actress in another childhood favorite, Summer School. I also noticed something else for the first time; young Kiefer Sutherland looks EXACTLY like young Joshua Jackson. The resemblance was so canny that I took to the internet to see if they were distantly related or something. I don't think they are, but plenty of other people had the same idea, apparently.

Anyway, that concluded our short Vampire Movie Marathon! I got in two classic childhood favorites, and was exposed to two new to me films that I proudly now pass on to you for recommendation. There are a ton of other great (and not so great) vampire flicks out there, and I may add in a few more before the week is completely let me know what YOU would recommend! What are your favorite vampire movies?

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