Friday, September 30, 2016

Spooky Halloween Chili

Okay, so I don't actually eat chili. However, I know plenty of people who love it, especially on a cold, wet, rainy fall day. Today IS a slightly cold, and super wet and rainy day here in the tri-state, making a spooky chili dish perfect for today's Foodie Friday post!

Ya'll know how much I love REALLY simple ideas for giving food a creepy Halloween feel, and you can't really get much simpler than this. Make a pot of chili like you normally would (or find one of thousands of recipes online), and cut out fun, Halloween shapes from slices of cheese. A variety of Halloween cookie cutters are available this time of year at just about any store for only a few dollars. The photo and recipe for this variation comes from Parents.Com and is included in a slideshow feature 'last-minute' Halloween dinners!

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