Saturday, October 1, 2016

Christmas Decorations Before Halloween

If you belong to or follow ANY Halloween Facebook page, then you've seen this meme---probably multiple times, lol. I thought it was pretty funny and sort of fitting for my own life right now. As Halloween enthusiasts, we are the ONLY house on our block so far to put up any outdoor Halloween decorations. However, some of the exterior decorating has been a comedy of errors. Last weekend, my boyfriend started stringing up our purple and orange Halloween house lights. Unfortunately, we were one strand too short. A busy schedule of scouts, baseball, and jujitsu hasn't left any available time to remedy the situation, so for a week now, my house has had an unlit, partial strand of what looks like Christmas lights across our facade.

I'm sure our neighbors think we're absolutely insane. Not only did I start with the outdoor decorations in mid-September, but now we have unlit, sagging (some of our light clips needed replacing as well) lights that for all intents and purposes LOOK exactly like Christmas lights, lol. Oh well. At least the inside decorations look absolutely fabulous!

Anyway, more on topic with this meme...when do YOU put out your Christmas decorations? I won't let my boyfriend even start on Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving, which is pretty hypocritical of me since I start decorating for Halloween in August. Let me know in the comments when you start decorating!

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