Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ghoul on a Stool

Move over, Elf on The Shelf....This Halloween season, its all about Ghoul on a Stool! According to the product's website, "The Ghoul on a Stool™ is a Halloween story of a mischievous, fun, candy making ghoul who encourages kids to be kind and to do a good deed everyday. We not only want to teach your kids to be good, but to also do good. We hope you enjoy making new family memories with the Ghoul on a Stool™."

The cute little ghoul and his accompanying book on are on sale at the website listed above fro $19.97. So, for less than $20, you can start a wonderful Halloween tradition with your family, encouraging an atmosphere of kindness and community service. And, its still not as creepy as its Christmas rival, that freaky Elf on the Shelf thing! It's also available through Amazon and at Walmart.

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