Friday, April 22, 2016

Halloween Fruit--Volume I: Ghost Edition

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that Halloween ISN'T all about the candy. I mean, trick-or-treating is a HUGE are all the yummy, sugary concoctions that are routinely the staples of any good Halloween party.

However, if you're watching your weight, unable to eat too many sweets, or simply just want a few healthier options to throw into the mix, Halloween or year-round, check out these frightening fruity favorites! There are hundreds of great examples, so this is a topic you'll see pop up again. Since I'm a paranormal investigator and researcher---I think I'll focus on GHOSTS for this first volume.

Okay, so let's EASE into the concept of fruit for Halloween, with these strawberries that aren't strictly healthy. It looks like they've been dipped in white candy melts (but you could probably use white chocolate chips, too). The face appears to be drawn on with food-grade markers, which you can find in the baking/cake decorating/party section of most stores, such as Walmart. But, you can probably use chocolate candy pieces or black icing as well. This photo came from Pinterest, with no original source, so if you know who owns it, lemme know and I'll give 'em credit!

I LOVE these ghost pears! They look fairly easy to make, and are pretty versatile. They would be just as awesome at a fancy Halloween dinner party as they would as a sneaky and fun way to trick your kids into eating more fruit. The complete recipe and photo come from Tesco: Real Foods. Go check 'em out for this idea, and many more great Halloween desserts, treats, and snacks!

Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy! Even the Wiggles can appreciate this spooky take on the fruit salad. Use mandarin oranges, pineapples, and whipped cream to create the traditional colors of candy corn---that famous Halloween candy that we all love to hate and hate to love---and top off with a ghostly marshmallow Peep! This is another quick and easy dessert, that combines a certain level of elegance with fun. The best part is, this can EASILY be made using canned mandarin orange slices and canned pineapple if you want to go that route, but can also be made using fresh ingredients for those who prefer that route. You could make a bunch of these at one time with minimal time and effort. Experiment with different serving glasses to change up the look. This particular version came from Love From the Oven.

A list of ghostly fruits could not be complete without the banana ghost and mandarin orange pumpkin platter. This cute idea was my first introduction to, and the inspiration for, this blog about healthy Halloween treats. It has been recreated numerous times (some much better than others) and shared all over the internet. It's SUPER easy. Peel your fruit. Cut your bananas in half. Stick on some chocolate chips for eyes/mouth, and a small piece of celery for your pumpkin stem. Plate and be done. This particular photo comes from Cozinhando Fantasias.

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