Wednesday, April 20, 2016

October Shadows

I have ANOTHER favorite Halloween artist---William Basso. And while his work is arguably quite different in style and subject from that of Catherine Holman, its no less beautiful with a vintage twist. For this first feature on Basso, I've chosen to highlight his October Shadows. From the artist himself:

"October Shadows" Collage and mixed media mounted on canvas. 20"x16"- This was done as a promotional image, a sort of "call for entries", for a Halloween themed art show of the same name. I wanted to pay homage to the "Vanitas" paintings of the 17th century Dutch masters. I felt that this captured the theme of "Halloween in Art" while adding a slightly surreal twist. ©William Basso

Please see his website to learn more about this artist, view other examples of his work, and to even purchase prints of your favorite pieces!

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