Friday, April 15, 2016

Jack-O-Lantern Face Swaps

Okay, the Face Swap app is seriously the creepiest fad to hit social media in a LONG time! If you're not familiar with this program, basically what it does is take a photograph, and using facial recognition, identifies two different faces. It then allows for those two faces to trade places with each other, resulting in a horrific mishmash image. Some of the creepier images people have created include swaps between babies and adults, humans and animals (especially dogs and CHICKENS, lol), and humans and dolls.

If I wanted to select examples just based on creep factor alone, I would have to write a hundred blog posts to accommodate just the best of the best.  But, since this is a HALLOWEEN blog, for now I'll just focus on a few human to jack-o-lantern transformations. All photos were culled from various websites using Google Image Search. That last one---nightmare material! Enjoy!

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