Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sexy Costume Fails

Halloween gives us the opportunity to be anything or anyone we want to be...for at LEAST one night.  Many of us wear things on Halloween that we wouldn't be caught *dead* in any other time of year.  And, unfortunately, that has led to this huge rise in the 'sexy' costume---any costume you can think of probably has a low-cut, tight, spandex version.  Of course we're all familiar with the sexy nurse, the sexy maid and the sexy female cop, but there's also options such as the sexy Scooby Doo, the sexy Sponge Bob, and the sexy Minion.  There's even a sexy Hitler.

Let that sink in.

Justin Meyers has curated a collection of these sexy costumes...but with a twist.  The article below is a list of ten sexy costumes that just totally missed their mark, or if you prefer, "Sexy Costume Fails."  I've posted one example that I'm sure horror fans in particular can appreciate!

Human Centipede Costume

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