Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vintage Skeletons

Last week's Throwback Thursday featured a collection of Halloween postcards from 1909.  This week, we've got something slightly different.  Many of these photos are actually postcard images, and most date from around the same time period, but instead of the whimsical artwork of the Tuck cards, this week's feature is a tad darker...

For whatever reason, people in the early 1900s LOVED their skeletons, and they loved to pose with them! I couldn't find any information on this first photo, but I personally find it rather amusing.  I'm not sure which is more visually interest--the jaunty skeleton wearing a top hat astride a bicycle, the look of perplexity on the face of the seated gentleman...or the LACK of perplexity from the other cyclist!

From Pinterest
  Unfortunately, I can't find anything substantial about this next photo!

 This next photo comes from the website, Vintage Everyday, and comes from the collection of Stanley B. Burns, M.D. The accompanying caption for this photo reads "Dear Mary, What Do You Think of My Chum? Postcard mailed to Mary Miller, Mifflinburg, PA, 1908."  This photo, as well as several others featured on the Vintage Everyday website are included in Burns' new book, Stiffs, Skulls and Skeletons: Medical Photography and Symbolism.

This next guy appears to have a real love for his skeleton chum as well. The full image of this 1913 postcard can be found on the Tear Drop Memories website.

If you loved these photos, keep watching Theresa's Halloween Wonderland...there are a lot more skeletons coming in the next few months!

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