Monday, February 16, 2015

Why We Love Hocus Pocus

It's Movie Monday and probably the best Halloween ever is Hocus Pocus.  I saw this in the theater with my best friend, Christy, when we were in 4th grade---and its remained not only a favorite Halloween movie of mine, but one of my all-time favorites overall.  

This delightful little infographic apparently comes from Buzz Feed.  I saw it sometime last year and never made the connection that Thackery Binx grew up to be on NCIS, a show my mom watches religiously!  I was also pleased that this poster also mentions that 'Mary Sanderson' and Peggy Hill are voiced by the same actress since I'm also a huge King of the Hill fan!

(Just a quick note---this will not be the only post on this blog that either mentions or is dedicated to this modern classic!)

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