Monday, February 23, 2015

The Shatner Masks

Today's Movie Monday is a little bit of trivia for you!  By now it's pretty common knowledge that the mask Michael Myers wears in Halloween is a William Shatner mask, chosen because it was the cheapest one available.  

According to the article from Daily Dawdle, the mask was then spray painted white, creating the visual that has haunted us all since 1978.  But, have you ever seen the unaltered version of the mask?  The Daily Chive has provided that little gem for us and it is HORRIFYING!

The mask was produced by Don Post Studios and is actually not JUST Shatner, but is a Captain Kirk mask from a 1966 Star Trek costume. This little fun-fact was discovered in 1981 when Rich Sternbach was working on HALLOWEEN 2 and it was discovered that only one of the original Michael Myers masks remained.  He was the one who discovered the model number of maker's name on the neck and made the call to the company, ordering a whole box of the now iconic face.  In an article and accompanying video posted on a Star Trek website, William Shatner admits to taking his daughter trick-or-treating one year donning his own face! 

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