Monday, August 1, 2016

Luke's 2015 Halloween Costume

It's August! The true countdown to Halloween has begun. In addition to starting our party planning, the family and I have begun tossing around costume ideas. Last year, Luke wanted to be a vampire. I found this surprisingly  complete and fair quality classic ensemble at Walmart for around $15. All we added was a little hair gel and some plastic fangs! We tried some white face makeup, but that was a fail. My son is just too hairy and it ended up looking weird. Fortunately for his costume, he's also pretty darn pale anyway, so it worked out.

This photo is of Luke getting ready to go to a party at our local YMCA. He had been taking swim lessons there for a couple of months, so I decided to take him while Aaron was working late on his radio show. We had an awesome time---tons of games, candy, a dance party, and seeing one of his swim instructors all decked out made for a fun evening. He wore the same costume to his school Halloween party, for trick-or-treat, and for my boyfriend's brother's party. And, almost a year later, I still think this costume is completely adorable. In a weird twist of fate, one of his best friends from the neighborhood decided SHE was going to be a vampire too. Her vampire dress complemented his suit so well it looked like they planned the whole thing. It really was the cutest thing EVER. I'm not sure he can top that this year, but I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

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