Sunday, August 7, 2016

Snowball's First Halloween

This is Snowball, one of two kitties that complete the Doughty/Racer family. Snowball came into our lives August of 2013, and has always been a very curious cat. This picture, taken during his first Halloween with us, is one of my absolute favorites.

For the Halloween season, I had set up a little spooky vignette complete with lace table cloth, Ouija Board, black lace fan, skull on silver platter, black candles, crystals, antique jewelry, and some old tin-type photos. I added one of our antique chairs to complete the effect of a fortune-telling/communicating with the dead scene.

Snowball decided that Mommy put that nice, comfy chair out for HIM, and pretty much stayed there the entire Halloween season, lol. At one point, we had a Halloween party where a few people wanted to use the Ouija Board. This was of great interest to Snow, and the next day, we caught him standing in the chair, with front paws on the board as if trying to mimic what he saw the night before. Snow did not manage to contact the other side, and no kitties were demonically possessed in the making of this post!

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